I am just a girl trying to make some sense of whatever it is that I’m feeling. I started this blog anonymously and have since then told only a few souls that I can trust to be myself with. I’m not ready to be connected to these thoughts for everyone to judge quite yet because not everyone is ready to handle these topics in a way they can understand. I don’t need people telling me i’m wrong or nuts, I just need a safe place to get all this out and hopefully create some positivity as a byproduct.  I’m just trying to sort through all this. This blog is essentially a compilation of stuff that I feel strongly about (doesn’t include everything I feel strongly about of course!) and I’m trying to keep it all positive and laced with good intentions. I’m setting out to discover what is happening to me, why I’m being brought toward certain people, and what this is all about. Pretty much my whole life I have been on a hunt for something. On a search. A spiritual journey. I checked out different religions but it is only now, these last few months, days, hours, that it’s all beginning to make exponentially more sense. I feel like this is something I have either been preparing myself for without realizing it, or God has been preparing me. Or a combination of both. Or that this was always going to happen one way or another. What you seek is seeking you type shiz. When I finally started to seek out GOOD things (not that i was seeking anything bad before, i just got a better grip of what GOOD things to actually seek out) they started falling into place in abundance. I am trying to keep things sorted here so that I can learn from this experience and come out better because of it. Join me or follow along, all I ask is that you keep it positive so I can continue to learn & grow in a safe environment so I can do the most good I possibly can. Thank you!

Love & light




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